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'Ugly Pebbles'; Jonghyun/Key; G

Title: 'Ugly Pebbles'
Author: sol_tama
Rating: G
Pairing: Jonghyun/Key (Key-centric)
Genre: General
Word count: 227
Summary: Once again, with more feeling.

'ugly pebbles;'

Clap, clap.

After turning in the air one, two, three times, the pebble falls, firm, unchanging on Kibum’s hands. His dark and tired eyes stop on it. Once again, with more feeling.

Clap, clap, clap.

Kibum observes the pebble start its rise for a second time, losing speed on the way until, unsurprisingly, returning to the cupola he had created. It’s an out of orbit planet he has stuck on this cage made of long fingers and, Kibum notices, it’s ugly. It’s ugly and gray and rough. There are now a lot of little, insignificant crumbs along the lines of his white palms which, when placed one next to the other, form constellations that don’t twinkle. Kibum blows them gently and there they go, soaring, losing themselves in the cold breeze of the morning.

That pebble really resembles his own emotionless, lifeless world.

(Someone calls for Kibum in the distance. One, two, three times his name rings in his ears.)

With those ashes removed, however, he finds out the pebble isn’t only gray. It has blue, faint beams and, oh, what a surprise, Kibum has just thought he likes that tone. It’s pretty – it makes him think of the sea and the nocturne sky and blueberries. Strangely, that tranquilizes him. It seems like nothing is entirely flawed.


Ah, Jonghyun has always looked his best in blue.
-- --

A/N: Once again, thank you nautisch for being my beta. ♥
Just a small drabble. In my head, this takes place when they went to New Zealand. And I hope this makes sense. .__.'

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Tags: fandom: shinee, pairing: jonghyun/key, rating: g, type: drabble
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